It´s a beautiful day

The other day I was stopped by a man wearing a police uniform down at Kungsträdgården, coming from Hamngatan. His motorcycle parked in the middle of the street. Another white and blue motorcycle circling the intersection. No one was allowed to pass and after a while two police cars accelerated through the intersection followed by a big black limousine-like car and then two equally black minivans.

I guessed: there goes Bono and his crew of U2. I couldn´t know for sure but I decided to stick to that notion. They were simply (or not so simply) headed for work at the Globe Arena. The last time I saw a procession like that (limousine followed by two minivans) it was Bruce Springsteen and his crew of the E Street Band at the Friends Arena.

Well, the dark cars with stars passed, police went, we rolled. And by Slussen I had to stop to take this picture.

It is really nothing. Just an image of a beautiful day.