Bullitt stays (kid´s orders)

I will not – I repat not – sell my Bullitt in favor of a larger cargo bike. Bullitt stays, says my kids after riding the XXL Bakfiets of Cykelfabriken. Seven year old daughter argues: ”it’s so cute”. I cannot see the cuteness of the Bullitt, but I know she´s right.

Anyway, my growing cargo needs might be met using a trailer like the BOB. I got an e-mail from a man who uses that trailer with his Bullitt and evidently it works fine.

Or I could simply just eliminate my needs. I have started to get my kids to ride their own bikes more. My nine year old son doesn´t have a problem with that – ever. He is strong and likes anything that involves sports or just physical activity.

His sister is more like me in that respect. It does take a bit of persuasion to get her up on the bike. But when she´s there it´s all smiles and when the slope gets to steep she just gets off and walk. And eventually the too steep slopes won´t be too steep for her to ride.

But what happens come winter? Or when kids are ill or very tired? We´ll se. Maybe then I´ll have to turn to the trailer solution after all. Time will tell.