Is a 20 kg trailer really the right solution?

Winter finally arrived. With temperatures well below freezing and ice and snow covering the tarmac cycling has definitely become harder. I can cope with the snow and ice. I can accept that I can´t go as fast on the white stuff. But what I just cannot work through are the daily take-kids-to-school-and-back-rides. I have touched on the subject in previous posts (Swedish), but since I still haven´t found a solution I´ll put another out here.

My latest notion – it really is just that – is that a trailer from Bikes at work would do the trick. But at 800 dollars or so it´s a quite pricey road to roll and also considering the weight of the darn thing, around 20 kg, I am not sure it is what I am looking for.

Also the trailers look like they have been put together by some nerd in his or her garage with stuff that just happened to lay around. They´re ugly.

So when kids return to school I guess I´ll have to fire up that old Saab in the garage for the 1,5 km trip to and from school. Feels awkard though.