Good job, Jenny!

Jenny Rissveds
5 March 2015 - Scott-Odlo shoot near Stellenbosch with Nino Schurter, Michiel van der Heijden, Jenny Rissveds & Thomas Frischknecht. Photo by Gary Perkin

I rarely or never comment on news here. That is just not what I like to do at Cycleville BLOG. But when I heard that Jenny Rissveds won the gold medal yesterday I almost dropped the knife I held in my hand, I yelled out and had to stop what I was doing … Just a few minutes (or so) earlier I hade read that she was fighting for the bronze position.

I wanted to open my window and shout ”did you hear!?” to anyone within range. Not many would know, fewer would care.

So instead of shouting lika a lunatic into the great wide, I hit Post. A big congratulations on the win, Jenny!

Listen to the radio live commentary (Swedish): SR

Jenny Rissveds webpage:

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