OnGuard lock arrived

I am taking things down a notch or two. Trying to downsize, carry less weight, less stuff. To make life better, biking more fun. Obviously the most important change is switching from my Bullitt cargobike to something lighter. A regular bike. Or actually a lighter-than-regular-bike.

Switching bikes mean I have to rearrange and in some parts update my toolbox. Not the box with wrenches and allen keys, but my set of tools I need to get my job done, and keep my bike safe and functional while on the road or in town.

Onguard bike lock
The Onguard U-lock comes with no less than five keys. The main one being rather clumsy and sporting a led light. There is also a mount bracket, which I will not be using.

One of the things I hate the most to carry must be the lock. Or locks. It is heavy, it doesn´t add to my experience and it reminds me that there are such dark elements out there as bike thieves. But at the same time I realize that without a lock I could never leave the bike to go shopping (which I rarely do) or have a coffee (which I often do). So the lock is pretty much a key to my city freedom.

Today I received a new lock, which is smaller and lighter than the two I have been using for a couple of years now. It is a so called U lock and it fits in the pocketlike thing at the back of my Levis Commuter jeans (I have two pairs now and believe I always will …)

The lock is a rather cheap OnGuard and I will not be using it as an only lock when leaving my bike for several hours. But I think it will do the jobb for those short stops.