Time for a Bullitt replacement

I will do my very best to reengage in this blog. For a moment I thought I would go back to Swedish, but I’ll give it one more try in English. The reason for taking up blogging again is … I just feel that I should. Not a very good reason, I admit. But in the world of blogging other rules apply.

Anyway, I am facing a huge challenge this fall and winter. I have realized I cannot keep riding my Bullit Cargobike to and from my office, 22 km away from home. It simply is to heavy, I get too tired and it really is no fun. So for the moment I ride the Lapierre Audacio. A beautiful bike that is fun to ride and almost seem to give me energy instead of draining me of it. But come harder weather with rain, wind, slippery leaves on the ground I am not sure it will do the job. Or will it? That is for me to find out.