My electric heart is slowly growing

Yesterday´s run into town was slightly faster than it usually is. I normally try to go rather slowish in order not to get too sweaty, and also so I can do the routine 3-4 times a week. Remember, I´m on a Bullitt most of the times. And I´m 45.

But yesterday my friend sort of slided up beside me after 6 km or so. And my friend has one of those electrically assisted bikes. He joined me and assured he´d stay at whatever pace I chose.

He did and I liked the company. But I couldn´t stay at the pace I normally would have. In some mysterious way that electric rocket bike made me faster. Or rather made me go faster. And the battery rider wasn´t even breathing heavier than anyone would do after a lunch stroll in the park.

That made me think. Electric bikes are not my bag, not my cup of tea and certainly not my kind of bike. But it was one of those days when I just wanted to get there. And watching my friend rolling along easily and faster than I ever could on my manually operated Bullitt, I thought that a small engine perhaps would not be the end of the world after all. It might actually make my life easier, and a bit less challenging.

So I am pretty sure I´ll be battery powered in a couple of years. It is sort of sad, though.

The image above is from a review I did of e-bikes at