Silly looks

Yesterday I rode to my city office in my black, padded bike shorts, leg warmers and the merino wool top I almost alway wear when on the bike. Overall it was a nice, comfortable ride. Bike was lovely. Clothes was … well, they were comfortable.

But I looked like a cyclist. And although I sometimes like to look like what I am doing, I seldom like to look like a cyclist.

It is a rather silly look, don´t you think? The padded bottom making you look like a huge baby in diapers. The tight lycra revealing your front equipment in a rather inappropriate way whenever you step off the bike.

And since I don´t consider riding a bike a silly thing to do, it doesn’t´t add up.

Anyhow it lacks any kind of style and finesse. But I still haven´t figured out how to dress on the bike to cover both aspects: functional and stylish.

Maybe I am asking the wrong question. Maybe I should be asking what kind of bike to use. Not what kind of clothes to wear.