A garage spot just for my Christiania

One often overlooked aspect of owning and using a bike is storage. Or rather bike parking.

The issue became very clear to me when I got the three wheeled cargo Christiania bike. It doesn’t´fit through normal doors and it cannot be lifted up stairs. In that sense it is basically like a car. It just doesn’t´t go anywhere unless you roll it and it certainly won´t go inside my apartment.

And it just doesn’t exist in my world that a bike should have to live its entire life under the skies. Not only would it be prone to getting stolen. Its health would surely suffer severely. As would mine.

Also, my lovely car gets to sit in a cosy garage whenever its not doing duty. Why should I treat my bike differently?

Considering my car is in a garage, it’s funny how it took me several weeks to come up with the obvious idea to put my bike in that same garage. After a call to the man in charge of the parking spaces, I got my bike a nice spot in the corner. While it isn´t a heated space, it sure offers enough protection for my danish Christiania bike.

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