The carrying challenge

Let´s not talk about the wonders of the bicycle. How it seems to be the smartest way to get around these days (which of course is true for a minority only), how it can save the world (no not by itself it can´t …), how it makes wonders for you health (well yes, for some).

Let´s instead touch on the (not so) delicate issue of carrying stuff on the bike (or on you on the bike). It´s a drag, nothing less. I have yet to see the backpack, messenger bag, pannier or any other type of bicycle oriented bag that makes biking+carrying a happy combo.

For a while (some years) I used a Bullitt cargobike, which brought med pretty close to carrying-stuff-on-bike-nirvana. But it is too heavy for a daily two hour commute (don´t mention the e-Bullitt – e-vehicles are a whole other story). But I miss the Bullitt and sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake selling it.

But rolling on my 11 kg Planet-X Full Monty on big wheels I often come to the conclusion that the Bullitt is an era long gone for me. That is, until i need to buy something heavy, like groceries for the week, and stuff my (make no mistake, amazingly usable) Chromebag Metropolis. Alot fits, no doubt. But it can´t take away the weight (though I must point out that thanks to the ingenious design of it and the bicycle, I can carry weight riding the bike that surely would knock me to the ground would I try to walk around with it).

I do have a Christiania cargobike. It holds a lot and serves me well on specific occassions. But despite its name it is not a bicycle (three wheels) and it´s a drag to drive. It is pure function, pure compromise.

Maybe I should just turn everything on its head. Go for e-shopping and have whatever I need delivered to my house, use my iphone as my computer and camera. And always wear SPD-shoes and a sweaty shirt – whether on or off bike.

Like that would ever happen.

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