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Henrik Rådmark

Me at the men´s room at Ericsson Globe Arena, having finished a day’s work and ready to go home. 26 mars 2015.

My name is Henrik Rådmark. I live in Sweden and this is my personal blog circling around my transportation and more specifically cycling.

E-mail: henrik@cycleville.se

The site has been around since 2010 but have taken on different shapes and forms during the years. As of March 2015 the content has become more focused, more personal. And perhaps more importantly, by the end of 2015 I switched to English.

What used to be Cycleville STHLM is now Cycleville BLOG.

This is me

I live in Vallentuna 25 km north of Stockholm with two kids. Also worth mentioning is my bike. Not so much because I love it, but because I love what it does for me. Namely creates freedom. Freedom from time tables, parking spaces, gas bills. And more.

It also helps me stay ok. I don´t like crowds and my mind does´t seem to work very well when I sit behind my computer for too long a time. And in my line of work where writing is a big part (I am a freelance writer and photographer) sitting is pretty much unavoidable.

So. This blog started in 2008 but in another form and with a different perspective and goal. Around 2010 I launched Cycleville STHLM which tried to be a web magazine about urban cycling. A few years later I trimmed it down to the blog format and just recently (2015-16) I decided to write in English.

I used to have a purpose with most things I engaged in. Now I can do stuff just because I want to. This blog is one of those things. But of course I hope that it might inspire someone to ride his or her bike a little bit more. It´s a good thing. For you and for everyone.

You can reach me at henrik@cycleville.se.

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  1. Magnus Lagher skriver:

    Hej Henrik
    Kul att du är ute i ”nätet” igen.

  2. ML Cykel skriver:

    Trevlig blogg! Jag hittade just hit för första gången, men det ska bli kul att fortsätta följa den. 🙂

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